Valet Service by LUXE

  • Your car delivered to you or picked up in Brooklyn or Manhattan with TPC VIP status that puts you in the front of the line (see service area map)
  • Annual vehicle registration and inspection service
  • Free gas fill up service
  • Car wash service
  • Oil change service

LUXE Manhattan and Brooklyn Coverage


Southern-most boundary at 15th Street up to Atlantic Avenue from 4th avenue to the Prospect Park West, 3rd Street North to John Street, Vanderbilt Avenue to Columbia Heights

Lower Manhattan

"Top of the chimney" boundary is 38th Street, while "bottom of the chimney" boundary is 29th Street.

Upper Manhattan

Southern-most boundary is 49th Street.
Northern-most boundary is 114th Street.



  • Ultimate VIP status—preferential treatment and access to valets

  • 4 free fuel-ups per month ($7.99 service fee waived) You will be able to request this in the app.

  • We will deliver a new vehicle from the dealership within the Luxe coverage area. This will not be counted as a roundtrip.

  • We will track, coordinate, and complete one vehicle inspection per year (for New York State Registered vehicles only). This will not be counted as a roundtrip.

  • We will deliver to (and pick up from) dealership or auto repair shop within Luxe coverage area. This will count as a roundtrip.

  • We will conduct a monthly check of engine oil level and windshield wiper fluid.

  • On a monthly basis, you will receive a report with the following information: inspection expiration date, oil change schedule, vehicle registration expiration date and vehicle mileage.

  • On a monthly basis, we will check battery level and tire pressure for members that are parked for thirty consecutive days or longer. You will be alerted if either of these are low.